Reeling from a broken heart?

Through this honest and compassionate guidebook discover and learn how to understand yourself better and move on with renewed strength.

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In the middle of a storm, on her 20th Wedding Anniversary, Ava Woods’ husband declared he was leaving her. She felt discarded, broken and crushed. Her whirlwind of emotions swirling around what she once thought was her forever.

Through sharing her story, Ava takes you on a journey from being blindsided in love, to rebuilding your life, your self-confidence and learning how to love yourself again.

After a wave of panic, with questions bombarding you like: ‘Who am I now?’ and ‘How am I going to cope financially and provide for my family?’ This book will show you how to reclaim your power.

Everything happens for a reason. There is a design for your life with lessons throughout for you to embrace. If you allow it, a life guided by love, places you on a path of deeper self-awareness, enabling you to live authentically and in your truth. Because after the storm, the sun follows… it’s time for you to shine.

Guided By Love contains stories, teachings and a map to:

Break out of the cycles keeping you stuck in one sided relationships

Love yourself and what you stand for

Attain a greater sense of clarity, calm and connection

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Introducing the person behind the pen name.

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Ava Woods (a pen name to protect those in the book) offers gentle, yet profound guidance on love and connection, teaching you to stand in your truth and follow your inner love song. She lives in beautiful Northumberland, UK with her family and fur babies.

With her writing, coaching and healing gifts she leads women through a transformative experience aligning them to their natural power and strengths. Weaving a path to empowerment, clarity and self-compassion through her encouraging conversational sessions.

She consults the ancient wisdom of Nine Star Ki, a foundational tool in her work. She has studied this insightful cosmology for over a decade and has been mentored by world-renowned teachers in this art.

Utilising her toolbox of alchemy, the author is skilled at creating a safe space for self-discovery and is a container for change. A great listener, with a kind open heart and an intuition for potential. She gently inspires you to connect with your own inner peace, self-love and balance, especially during times of unexpected change, loss and grief. 

Follow Ava Woods as she takes you on her incredible journey!

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Lindsey welcome-tny

Compassionate and insightful

A beautifully written book full of compassion and understanding. A very 'human' account of how to turn things around following difficult life experiences. I found 'Guided by Love' to be surprisingly uplifting.... thank you Ava Woods :-)
Jan Porteous

Does what it says on the tin

Really nicely written. There are so many memories of heart break and angst out there, this book is refreshingly the opposite. We get glimpses of the heartbreak that lead to the journey, but this is so much more. Simple guidance from the heart of a writer that found healing and wants to share her kit.
Amazon Customer

A Really Practical Guide

This book is something very special. The author gives a very personal account of heartbreak but gives the reader lots of opportunities to personalise this and make it relatable for them.
Amazon Customer


A wonderful heartwarming book, full of love and compassion. Highly recommended.

Kelly Oliver Dougall
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